Life! An Amazing Adventure!

The old science is largely being replaced by new thinking as our understanding of quantum physics expands. Robert Lanza’s biocentrism theory lines a lot of that new thinking up and it becomes obvious that the principles of psychological experience are well supported in this new direction.

“The answer to life and the universe can’t be found by looking through a microscope or inspecting spiral galaxies. It lies deeper. It involves our very selves. Our consciousness is why they exist. It unifies the thinking, extended worlds into a coherent experience and animates the music that creates our emotions and purposes — the good and the bad, wars and love. It doesn’t load the dice for you to play the game of life. True, there’s pain and strife everywhere. But as Will Durant pointed out, we need to see “behind the strife, the friendly aid of neighbors, the rollicking joy of children and young men, the dances of vivacious girls, the willing sacrifices of parents and lovers, the patient bounty of the soil, and the renaissance of spring.”

In whatever form it takes, life sings because it has a song. The meaning is in the lyrics.”

– Robert Lanza

Check out his article here. And check out biocentrism if you’re scientifically curious about the true nature of reality.