Facilior Solutions is a sole-proprietorship consultancy committed to social capital development and empowerment in the rural Pacific Northwest.

We help individuals, businesses, organizations and communities access their innate creativity, capacity and common sense so they can bring fresh insight and vision to both work and life.



Facilior Solutions was founded in 2016 by Ken Scholes.  Ken’s background includes over thirty combined years of nonprofit management, community economic development, public sector contracts and procurement, and presenting/coaching/training experience.  As a former rural-raised clergy person now grounded in a secular worldview, Ken has a deep love of those spaces and can work in both worlds from a framework that embraces both the scientific method and the simplicity of life expressed in ancient wisdom.  He is also a performing musician and an author with eleven books (including a five novel series with Tor Books) and over fifty short stories spanning a twenty year publishing career that you can learn about at www.kenscholes.com.

Facilior Solutions operates in tandem with Ken’s artistic ventures, focused on the rural Pacific Northwest as he teaches writing and talks about creativity in schools and libraries and plays his eclectic blend of mindful originals and re-imagined classics in bars and other live music venues.  Integrating our authenticity into our lives is a core value Ken lives and teaches.

Ken lives in Cornelius, Oregon, with his twin daughters.

Life emerges from a set of “just right” conditions — a Goldilocks belt — and I’ve found that the same holds true for the quality of our experience of life as individuals and the families, organizations, businesses and communities that we make together.   From that space, the world looks different and the impossible unfolds without effort.  And once you know how to go into that space and find your creativity, your capacity, your common sense, you become the only consultant you’ll ever need for whatever is coming your way.

Let’s have a conversation about how Facilior Solutions can help you find that “just right” space for you, your business, your organization, or your community.