Ken Scholes presents on creativity at the Oregon Writers Colony Annual Conference, April 2018.

Facilior Solutions offers a broad range of services to include individual coaching, strategic planning, topical presentations, group facilitation, leadership and creative development retreats, mission/vision/values re-tooling and custom training across a wide variety of subjects.


Ken Scholes, Bellevue WA, January 2018

And of course, along the way, a song or two may help bring home the point or bring the room together.

In the end, the outcome is the same:  Empowering you to  access your innate creativity, capacity and common-sense for an easier, better and more true approach to work and life.



Facilior Solutions operates on a sliding scale and Ken often waives his fee for the first one to two hours of coaching or consulting.  Often, third parties can be identified to supplement or cover the cost of larger projects involving more time.

Focused Services:

Facilior Solutions is focused primarily on rural empowerment and flows in tandem with Ken’s work as an author and musician speaking in schools and libraries and playing gigs in various venues across the Pacific Northwest.  Contact Ken to discuss how Facilior Solutions might serve you best.

Individual Coaching/Leadership Development*:  Whether it is getting yourself organized to run a household of four or to run a nonprofit serving hundreds or to serve a constituency of thousands, sometimes you just need another set of eyes and ears to see and hear what you are not seeing and hearing.  Work one on one with Ken to identify and realize yourself as the leader of your life, leader of your small business, elected official or the CEO of a corporation — the principles are all the same.  Identify the barriers, the resources and the path you need to get where you want to go.

Creative Coaching/Business of Art:  For over twenty years, Ken’s stories and songs have been out in the world while he’s balanced a dayjob and a family.  Work with him to develop your career in the arts with one foot firmly in the creative space and the other in the mindset of a small business entrepreneur.  Find out where the best ideas for art and business all live and learn how to visit that space for what you need, when you need it.

Organizational/Small Business Development:  Whether you are part of a nonprofit organization, a business or a government agency, you have to work with a group of people on behalf of another group of people — often using limited resources on a limitless, never ending field of needs to meet and work to be done.  Lining up effort with values and strengths, focusing on finding a flowing, achievable mission, Facilior Solutions can help you create a sustainable path forward with your team.

Rural Community Economic Development:  What happens when you take a community to that Goldilocks Belt where life creatively emerges?  Learn how to use gatherings and meetings effectively — along with a small team of community “lovers” who see their community’s potential — to re-map your hometown to all of the treasure it has buried in its own backyard.  Traditional economic and community development models focus on deficiencies and gaps to be filled — this is DIY Community Boot-Strapping, bringing together leaders,businesses, artisans and educators to create new businesses and new services in rural communities.

Leadership/Creative/Team Development Retreats:  With the Oregon Coast just a stone’s throw away, sometimes it’s good to “get out of the familiar” and into dedicated space for finding our Goldilock’s Belt.  Sometimes, a night and a day at the beach is just what you need to bring down a wall, put up a bridge or grow a network of humans committed to the same mission, vision, and values.

The Cascade Writers Board take up their magic purple crayons in August 2017.

“Strategic planning can be difficult, especially when a nonprofit is reinventing itself. Ken Scholes of Facilior Solutions simplified that process. His well thought out steps moved us through some of the most critical and stressful tasks with ease. We are now building on the solid foundation he’s helped us prepare.” 

–Alaina Ewing, Past President, Cascade Writers, Tacoma WA




*Ken also provides coaching specifically for clergy persons in rural spaces transitioning from faith-based to fact-based living.  As a former minister who stepped down over 20 years ago, Ken found little useful help out there when he was making his own journey from being a pastor to being a nonprofit director and community organizer.